For over a decade Engitel has led the digital renewal of the Equita Group

Equita is based on a clear and diversified business model, capable of combining two key factors: independence and access to capital markets



The collaboration between Equita and Engitel begins in 2010, with the creations of eh company’s website thanks to Spin&Go©. Subsequently, in 2018, the Equita Group needed to reorganize its presence on the network, which had been fragmented up to then on two distinct platforms: this is how was born, designed in mobile first mode and designed to be an ideal tool to communicate with customers and stakeholders.

After the positive outcome in the restyling of the Equita Group website, the newly formed Equita Capital SGR once again relied on Engitel to consolidate its online presence with a distinctive image. The result is, a corporate website designed with the goal presenting the SGR to a specific target, making its specific activities clear, and enhancing the group's growth strategy.

While developing an effective system for involving Equita users, Engitel has developed an advanced and vertical email marketing strategy designated for their specific target audience

Born in 1973 as Euromobiliare, Equita has a long tradition of independent investment banking and is known as an actor of reference between financial institutions and companies. The new name, chosen in 2008, refers to the founding principles of its history: brokerage equity, corporate finance, roots in the national market, ethical standards and transparency.