Privacy and Cookies

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are piece of text that are sent to users' devices from websites that users visit, and that are resent to the same websites during subsequent visits.

Within this document, information regarding cookies used on this website are available to users including guidelines on how to manage them. 

Cookies used on this website

This website uses cookies.

The Holder of Engitel S.p.A website, with the registered office located in Via Zarotto, 6, Milan Postal code 20124, VAT Registration number 11140800159; the use of cookies by the website Holder is in compliance with the information regarding the treatment of personal data stated in the Art. 13, D. Lgs. 196/03 available here.

Cookies that does not require user’s agreement

Technical cookies does not require the agreement from users. Therefore they are installed automatically after the visit of the website.

Analytical cookies used directly by the holder of the website in order to collect information:

Analytical cookies are installed with the following purposes:

  • Track the number of visits to website from user’s browser; they are increased at each visit and contain date - time of the last visit; valid for two years
  • Manage the increased count in combination with the previous cookie; valid for 30 minutes;
  • Trace the origin to the website by third-party sites; contain the URL of the website of origin and are valid for six months.

Cookies that require agreement from users

Cookies, different from those previously outlined, are installed or activated only after the agreement of the user during the first time they visit the website.

Agreement may be expressed in general terms, by selecting options of agreement included within the Brief Information about cookies (or even by continuing the navigation on the website), or may be denied or provided selectively, as shown below.

Cookies managed by third parties

The websites of third parties that install cookies on user’s device while browsing this website, along with link on Privacy Policy and agreement forms for each one are listed below.

The closing of this web page does not involve the denial of agreement.

  • Google Ads: is a remarketing and targeting service provided by Google that uses cookies in order to collect usage data and promote advertising on its network. Tracking preferences can be managed with the following tools:
  • Facebook Remarketing: is a service provided by Facebook Inc. that uses cookies to connect Engitel's activity to the platform's advertising network. Facebook Remarketing uses profiling cookies and collects usage data. For more information, please refer to the Facebook Privacy Policy.

  • Facebook Audience Network: is an advertising service provided by Facebook Inc. that uses profiling cookies and collects usage data and unique identifiers of devices for advertising. For more information, please refer to the Facebook Privacy Policy.

    To disable the installation of cookies:

  • LinkedIn Website Retargeting: is a LinkedIn Corporation remarketing and targeting service that uses cookies and allows you to connect Engitel's activity to LinkedIn's advertising network. It uses profiling Cookies and collects usage data.

    For more information and to disable the installation of cookies, please refer to the LinkedIn Cookie Policy:

Cookie settings

You can block or enable third party cookies usage setting this options:

YouTube (multimedia play services): I accept
Google Ads (advertising promotion): I accept
Facebook (advertising promotion): I accept
LinkedIn (advertising promotion): I accept


Change browser settings

It is possible to disable cookies throughout settings available on the browsers used by user.

For the majority of browsers, settings can be changed by following this process:

  • Select “Options” or “Preferences” from the menu “Tools” or “View” o “Change”;
  • Select “Privacy” or “Protection” or “Download file” and choose favourite settings.

Here below there is a list with links regarding cookies settings of main browsers: