Internet of Things

IOT, the Internet of Things, connects various tools and objects to the network, allowing them to interact with both each other and with people.

Thanks to IOT, it is possible to extend the ability to collect, process and exchange data on the network in order to improve their monitoring and optimize their automation.

The Internet of Things, initially theorized in 1982, is already part of our homes and our daily lives. It is present in home automation, in the automotive industry, in video surveillance, in biomedical engineering, in agriculture and in urban planning. Thanks to the possibilities it offers, we can now  speak of smart cities in a current sense.

internet of thingsinternet of things

The Internet of Things makes almost all areas of our life simpler and more sustainable. Its practical application allows for a more comfortable daily life, a more manageable economy, a safer road traffic, cleaner energy, a more efficient healthcare and a healthier life.