The CMS, or Content Management System, is our specialty. Since 1998 we have been working to constantly improve Spin&Go©, which is today a genuine multichannel publishing platform.

Spin&Go© (CMS) was born and first released in 1998. In 2004, it was adopted as the only CMS by Virgilio. Spin&Go© DXP was born in 2020.

Venture capitalists wanted to transform it into a "shelf" CMS, but Engitel preferred to take an independent and long-term entrepreneurial path, providing its CMS to companies as an "accelerator" for their online businesses.

spin&go loves naturespin&go loves nature

Spin&Go© has continued growing and today is considered one of the best CMS on the market thanks to its stability and versatility.

Spin&Go© is developed in .NET technology (Microsoft), but can interface with any other systems. The system can be configured to generate website pages in dynamic, static, or semi-static mode depending on the project requirements.