Artificial Intelligence

We use the potential of artificial intelligence with Spin&Go© DXP, the new version of our CMS.

Artificial intelligence is a computer technology that enables a computer to perform complex functions and reasonings, traditionally typical of the human mind. It is a recent and rapidly developing sector, of which new areas and horizons are constantly being discovered. Those are entering our daily lives more and more every day, from communication, catering, and even house cleaning. To find new applications for AI, the only limit is the imagination, in which we are certainely not lacking.

Thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms, Spin&Go© DXP (the new version of our CMS) clearly improves the levels of usability, accessibility and user experience, introducing new and innovative features compared to the previous version. And not only that: Spin&Go© also uses machine learning technology, which gives systems the ability to learn from their own from experiences, without being explicitly programmed to do so.