Smart Net

You can call it intranet, extranet, digital workplace, business community, digital transformation… You name it! We call it Smart Net.

We help you design, implement and manage web projects dedicated to your organization, also extended to collaborators, sales network, customers and suppliers. With Spin&Go© and our staff of experts, we create restricted access sites with internal communication content, workflow, training, knowledge sharing, development and involvement of people. We integrate applications and business systems where custom, innovative and fast solutions are required. We are able to design user experiences, organize and update content, promote the use of the network with tutorials, tell stories, invent games and reward winners.

business communitybusiness community

We know how to produce and organize content in a way that is truly useful to users and, more importantly, that inspire people to use the web. Our CMS has advanced gamification features that awards points for every activity performed: whether it's a click, a verification questionnaire, a one-on-one challenge, a comment or a post in a discussion when it receives a like. It also includes campaigns, leaderboard badges and many other sophisticated tools, which are all profiled.