Engitel has forever changed the way Milan thinks about mobility thanks to the ATM app

ATM is the company that manages public transportation in the city of Milan and the 46 municipalities of the metropolitan city, from trams to subways and even bike sharing



In prevision for the Expo 2015, ATM needed a new, reliable and attractive product. The result is a versatile app, which adapts to different types of uses, designed for both the tourist, who does not know Milan, and for residents and commuters, who rely on less maps and more information. Because every user has his own way of experiencing the city.

Thanks to the new app, the smartphone becomes a compass. A continuous source of traffic information, thanks to the real-time updates on traffic. The application addresses the users' needs, guiding them with pleasant and intuitive graphics. Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, the app is built to accommodate the characteristics of all three individual operating systems.

Recently, Engitel has added the option to manage and renew subscriptions, as well as a new way of accessing infopoints to book an appointment. All in light of the constraints dictated by the Covid-19 health emergency.

Among other things, ATM manages 4 underground lines, 18 tramways, 4 railway lines and 131 automobile lines. It also holds a majority of shares in the company that operates the Copenhagen metro, and is owner of NET, responsible for public transport in the northern area of the metropolitan city of Milan as well as a part of Brianza. In 2018, it carried over 218 million passengers.