A functional and modern website that constantly updates Arca Fondi SGR customers

With a capital of around 30 billion euros, Arca Fondi SGR is one of the main Italian companies in the field of asset management



The collaboration with Engitel was born from Arca's need to have a continuous dialogue with its customers. More specifically there were three needs to satisfy: renewing the website; integrating platforms of suppliers of different nature; securing the use of sensitive data such as financial and social security data. In addition, an app was created for the consultation of contents as well as a mini-intranet.

Engitel has made the website more functional, modern and vertical. The platform was adapted to allow the management of different contents, from product data to the flow of financial information. It also implemented the integration with the reserved area, ready to be further implemented, which allows customers to be stay continuously updated on their investments, and the placers to consult information and operational tools when needed.

Thanks to the project developed by Engitel, customers can monitor their portfolios at any time, also thanks to the Pensions Area, which has integrated all the contents of the pre-existing Arca Previdenza website

One of Arca's strengths is its widespread presence on the Italian territory: around 100 placement agencies operate in over 8,000 branches with a network of financial advisors and online channels. Arca Fondi SGR also administers Arca Previdenza, the first pension fund opened in Italy by assets, with a capital of approximately 3.8 billion euros and approximately 178,000 members.