The innovative Spin&Go© DXP at the service of UPA, the trade association of advertisers

UPA (Members Advertising Associates) brings together the most important industrial, commercial and service companies that invest in advertising and communications in Italy



The collaboration between Engitel and UPA has roots that go back a long way: Since 2007, the UPA website has been using the CMS Spin&Go, which is also used to check newsletters and submissions to the database. Subsequently, Engitel completely restyled the website, with a responsive graphic design and a revision of the navigation tree. This brings us to the latest version of the website, which thanks to Spin&Go© DXP, allows management from any type of device including mobile.

Engitel developed a registration and management system for the shareholders’ meetings, with online forms and PNR codes for accreditation and revenue management. In addition, Engitel created the entire digital project of the website, designed to promote funding and partnerships in the cultural sector.

The UPA website, created in February 2020, was the first website created using Spin&Go© DXP, Engitel’s new version of CMS. Spin&Go Brainy includes artificial intelligence features as well as a completely revolutionized and simplified dashboard.

UPA's mission is to identify and address common issues of its members in the goal of representing their interests in institutions, agencies and to the media, dealers, consumers as well as all the main stakeholders. With over 400 member companies, UPA represents 85% of communication investments in Italy. For over 30 years UPA has also been actively offering training services, thanks to the UPA Academy brand.