A historical collaboration between Engitel and the online bank par excellence in Italy

ING Bank Italia (ING Group) is the first online bank in terms of number of customers in Italy



The collaboration between Engitel and ING begins in 2011, with the management of the product landing pages and the editorial management of the public area of the website www.ingdirect.it, also via Spin&Go©. Spin&Go© was also used for the website www.ing.it. Subsequently, Engitel took care of redesigning the public website as well as implementing responsive restyling.

Among the projects carried out by Engitel in the last period, we mention the first pilot pages using AMP technology; the creation of Mymoneycoach, a simulation and proposal tool for advanced financial products; the Multisicav project, focused on expanding the fund offering. In addition, Engitel is involved on a daily basis in web agencies activities as well as in the design, production and modification of materials for the public and secured area pages.

Spin&Go makes it possible to manage and plan the publication of the contents on the website. Numerous tools have also been implemented in the CMS for the optimization of the page for SEO purposes, the management of the tracking codes on the page as well as specific tools to configure and manage the A/B testing codes.

ING has been present in Italy conducting retail banking activities since 2001, and today represents the first online bank by number of customers (1,270,000), with a volume of business of over 23 billion euros. ING operated mainly through digital channels, which represent 96% of the bank's servicing activity.