A 360° collaboration that values the Italian work market

Talents in Motion is a platform for promoting talent circulation and the increase of Italian company competitiveness



Engitel has been alongside Talents in Motion since its beginnings, following the project in all its aspects, from the design phase to the launch. Among other things, Engitel oversaw the creation of website, the communication on social networks, the storytelling strategy of the launch video, the development and production of interviews with partners and talents, up to the management of social networks.

The collaboration on social networks led to the launch of the Talents in Motion Live initiative, a series of interviews with managers, economists, job market experts and young talents. The interviews are broadcasted live on social media pages with the active participation of Patrizia Fontana, president of Talents in Motion, while the technical and editorial aspecst are managed by Engitel.

Thanks to the collaboration with companies, institutions, Universities and partners, Talents in Motion aims to enhance the attractiveness of Italy's human capital as a new pole of excellence at a European and global scale. The initiative, which has received enthusiastic endorsements from universities, business schools and the world of research, was also endorsed by more than 20 top companies operating in various strategic sectors.