Engitel alongside the largest Italian investment banks

Since 1946, Mediobanca offers specialized and innovative financial services in the areas of financial consulting, consumer credit and asset management



Engitel manages the institutional website www.mediobanca.it where, in addition to the standard sections, a number of additions to the Bank's internal systems are added. Among these, it is worth mentioning the "Issued Products" section, dedicated to financial services and equipped with effective tools to consult the entire database. Engitel re-engineered the entire section, managing the integration with external data, the update and search functions, as well as the back office updating system.

Thanks to tools such as the Spin&Go© platform, Engitel has carried out the re-engineering and three different restylings of the website. This was ingegrated with a system that allows Mediobanca significant synergies both in terms of editorial and management of the relationship with customers, financial institutions and the press. In addition, Engitel designed the new Mediobanca website, taking care of all its aspects: CMS, graphic design, UX and UI.

For Mediobanca, Engitel has also created the minisite dedicated to the presentation of the 2019/2023 Business Plan guidelines, with dedicated graphics, the narrative of the presentation event and a video interview with CEO Alberto Nagel

Founded in 1946 by Enrico Cuccia, Mediobanca operates in three highly specialized areas: consumer credit, wealth management and business banking, the sector of which it is a leader in Italy. Mediobanca's business model is distinguished by its prudent approach and preference for profitability over volumes.