When infrastructure building meets digital space building

With more than a century of history, Webuild (ex Salini Impregilo) is a leader in the Italian market, dealing at a highly competitive level with the world's leading construction players



In the past years, Engitel has dealt with every aspect of Webuild (ex Salini Impregilo)'s digital services: design, graphics, assembly and material creation of the websites, editorial support and creation of advertising campaigns on social networks. A real partnership consolidated over 7 years after the merger of the two souls of the Group, which was not limited to the corporate website.

Engitel has in fact created and managed the websites of various projects, including the web pages dedicated to events (e.g. The foundation’s 110th anniversary or the Cyclopica exhibition on large infrastructures), and from special projects (e.g. the Australian market, the e-procurement convention, Webuild (formerly Salini Impregilo)’s editorial publications and for the Panama Canal), to the Videochannel, the Group companies (Fisia Impianti, Todini, Cociv) as well as the We BuildValue and The future of water magazines.

Among the various projects carried out for Webuild (ex Salini Impregilo), we find two very important ones carried out in the Liguria region: the Terzo Valico project and PerGenova, dedicated to the reconstruction of the Genoa Bridge following the collapse of the Morandi Bridge. Both of these websites were created with Spin&Go.

With 114 years of experience, Webuild (ex Salini Impregilo) is a global player in the construction sector, employing 50 million people of 100 different nationalities in 50 countries around the world. A true Italian excellence that operates according to environmental, ethical and professional principles that comply with the highest international criterias.