Not just a simple restyling but a new communicative approach to involve members and over 7,000 associated companies

Founded in 1945, the previously known Associazioni Artigiani Varese has grown to become Confartigianato Imprese Varese, the reference point for over seven thousand companies



The Gruppo Confartigianato Varese counted on Engitel for the reorganization of its digital identity.

As a starting point, the project had to take into account the particular nature of the Client: an associative reality, a point of reference for its members and more than 7,000 companies in the region of Lombardy, in particular in the province of Varese.

This duality made it necessary to reorganize the previous website and diversify communication, both from a visual and content point of view on two different channels:
The institutional site dedicated to the members of the Gruppo Confartigianato Varese

The platform has an informative/editorial nature thanks to which the association can enhance the news on the territory, favor the circulation of ideas and the comparison between different points of view, give visibility and continuity to the initiatives of the association in the territory and be a reference point for its members through events, agreements and benefits.
The website dedicated to business services provided by Artser

The platform was created to respond to the real needs of businesses. The experience and competence of the association are highlighted through a solution oriented structure. The interaction process with the user takes place directly to facilitate the best service based on the nature of the company. The services were mapped and cataloged for different entrepreneurial natures and needs.

Thanks to this solution, companies will be able to learn about and purchase the services offered, consult the various courses available and directly enroll their employees. They will receive personalized information to generate value, get in touch with specialized consultants, use a dedicated personal area where they can access to the services purchased and much more.

The Gruppo Confartigianato Varese is made up of more than seven thousand member companies and over four thousand client companies of the Artser service entreprise.