Innovation in continuous evolution.

Vemer is a global company with an Italian heart. Quality of construction, attention to detail, reliability and durability are its distinctive elements.



Vemer S.p.A. is a company that produces and distributes electrical solutions and instrumentation dedicated to the civil and industrial sector in Italy and around the world.

Engitel took care of the graphic restyling of the website, as well as its implementation on CMS Spin&Go. The new site has been designed with a responsive and mobile-first perspective, in order to optimize user navigation.    

For Vemer, we have also developed 4 Apps (Clima Vemer, Memo, Memo Wi-fi and Clima GSM), which are designed to intuitively manage 3 types of devices remotely, via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth: programmable thermostats, timers and energy meters.

Engitel was also responsible for providing strategic, graphic and technological consultancy. 

The website and app have been designed with the aim of being an easy and easy-to-use support for everyday use.

Finally, Vemer has always worked with a strong commitment to controlling environmental impact.