SUSTAINera Circular Economy

A sustainable approach from vehicle design to end of life.

SUSTAINera represents Stellantis' promise to provide customers with sustainable, transparent, and affordable products or services.

All this, is through policies to protect the environment and control the use of resources.



SUSTAINera chose Engitel for the design of the new website.

We supported SUSTAINera in terms of consulting and for the definition of the UX of the website so that the creative communication line would best support the collection of the macro pillars of their business model. We took care of the UX and UI as a starting point after a careful analysis and observation of the needs of their customers and individual stakeholders, to ensure an information site that was within the reach of consumers and third-party businesses.

The structure of the site has been organized in levels according to the 4 pillars of SUSTAINera, i.e. the 4Rs of their Business Model Strategy and each description has been designed to be customized for each country of interest.

We have also prepared interactive infographics

and languages suitable for responding to visitors from 8 different countries.