Jonny Job: the app that revolutionizes the way you find a job! Word of mouth that rewards you

Openjobmetis is the Employment Agency present on the Italian market for over 20 years, active in personnel administration, recruitment, outplacement and training



For Openjobmetis, Engitel has created an app dedicated to job ads. Not the usual app with the list of job ads but a real incentive and gaming system centered on the concept of Word of mouth.

Through the app in fact, users can view job ads and refer friends, acquaintances and family members who are in line with the chosen profile ... accumulating points that entitle them to "real" prizes chosen from a catalog.

That's why we say this app combines gaming and job search, word of mouth and rewards, points collection and user profiling

The project involved the various souls of Engitel:

  • the creative and graphic one: the Jonny Job mascot was designed and animated ad hoc for the client
  • quella tecnologica per la realizzazione della App Jonny Job (Android e IOS); l’integrazione con la base dati interna e con la rete di recruiter di openjobmetis; la gestione dei contenutithe technological one for the realization of the Jonny Job App (Android and IOS); integration with the internal database and with the Openjobmetis recruiter network; content management