For more than a decade alongside one of the world's largest automakers

Founded in 1967 in Seoul, Hyundai designs and builds vehicles sold in 193 different countries.



Our collaboration with Hyundai is developed on several fronts. We have been following the Hyundai Italia website for thirteen years, with particular attention to the online car configuration engine. We have also created a custom CMS for updating all site features and managing all industry promos. We also took care of several mini-sites related to specific contests.

We have been at the company's side during many events, fairs and collaborations with other entities: for example, during the 2012 European Football Championships, of which Hyundai was maxisponsor, we organized a competition to win a car; we also created the totems for the Hyundai stand at the Rimini Motorshow and collaborated with AS Roma for a competition event.

For Hyundai's website we have followed the whole side relating to configuration, dealing, fleets and special events

Hyundai has three Research and Development centres in South Korea and four others situated in Germany, Japan, the United States and India. The company owns about a third of KIA's stocks and is working on new models of electric cars.