ABIO - Association for the Child in Hospital

We have been in hospitals since 1978

ABIO supports children with the aim and commitment to improve their quality of life in hospital. Currently present in more than 30 hospital wards with over 700 volunteers committed to the support of children and their families



ABIO has chosen Engitel for the creation of an interactive WebApp preparatory to the Volunteer-Child interaction.  

Engitel has created a virtual playground that can be navigated through the use of the devices' gyroscopes using 360 video technology with a 3D environment. In the virtual park, there are several possible interactions aimed at entertaining children: a  playlist of music tracks, creative filters in augmented reality to generate photographsVideos, and speed games within a second-level immersive space.

The project was created with the aim of creating a digital bridge between ABIO volunteers and assisted children, a support tool aimed at stimulating an approach and contact with the older and increasingly digital generations.

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A place where even adults can become children again and where children can dream.