The Bepooler project, which Engitel has been following as a technology farm since 2015, has helped spread the cultural transformation of smart mobility.

BePooler, an innovative corporate carpooling platform, has established itself as a model of welfare and sustainability for companies and municipalities by saving more than 3 million km and nearly 325,000 kg of CO2.



Bepooler initially relied on Engitel to design a corporate carpooling app for the Swiss market only. Engitel then handled the app development of part of the back end.

Over the years, it has then worked on the development of all Bepooler side projects including the European Social Car project dedicated to intermodality (trains, cars, carpooling, etc.) The Bepooler taxi project dedicated to intermodality with taxis, the project with the City of Milan to allocate free parking spaces to carpooling users, the project for dedicated parking spaces for Allianz, and others.

In 2017 it also dealt with the optimization and localization of the app for the Italian market by carrying out a deep restyling of graphics, navigation logic and adaptation of some processes to Italian regulations.

In 2019 it developed the integration of the users' electronic purse with the Stripe payment platform.

The app is the most comprehensive technology solution to date for travel management: from route sharing, to parking reservation, to driver expense reimbursement.
The platform, developed with great attention to the UX, is not only a sophisticated trip-sharing tool, but also a tool for incentive distribution and support of corporate welfare and social responsibility.

BePooler was born in Switzerland in 2015 and the following year it also landed in Italy, becoming the leading company in the field of corporate car pooling.