Air quality managed by an APP - smart cities are now a reality

ECOBedAC is a project funded and promoted by Fondazione Piemonte Innova related to the implementation of innovative technologies to serve smartcities.



ECOBedAC's goal is to create an enclosure of 30-40 m3, within which optimal conditions related to air quality (absence of particulate matter, gases, CO2, bacteria, viruses, allergens, etc.) and constant maintenance of temperature and humidity can be created.
The enclosure can be applied around a bed (where each individual spends 30 percent of their life), or to circumscribe sedentary activities (a work point, reading, music, etc.) or physical activities (yoga, exercise, exercise bike, etc.). Through appropriate piping and with sensors acting on integrated low-energy consumption mechanisms, highly purified air is insufflated into the envelope (filtering of at least 99.95 of particulate matter - PM 1) and at the desired temperature and humidity, keeping them constant during the use of the apparatus.

Engitel has participated in the ECOBedAC project as Project leader implementing the web controls through a web App.

In contrast to all systems in common use (air conditioners, air purifiers) the partial recycling of 60-80% of the air of a few m3 already conditioned and fed into the envelope, allows the elimination of even pre-existing dust in the envelope itself, (mattresses - mites, allergens).

Thanks to the app, it is possible to configure the device, control the air quality, and manage the entire envelope.

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