Confartigianato Imprese Varese - Artser: a Digital Transformation path in co-design with Engitel

Artser is the leading business services company in the province of Varese and Lomellina, extending to the Milan metropolitan area.



Artser's strength is the multidisciplinary expertise of its professionals-accountants, labor consultants, employment lawyers, safety and environmental engineers, doctors, credit, export and training professionals-capable of providing integrated advice and services at every stage of business life.

Confartigianato and Artser have defined as a strategic objective that of wanting to become a key player in a Digital Transformation process by involving Engitel not only in the technological aspects but in the entire process: from consulting to the choice of objectives, from the analysis of the status quo and needs to the definition of expected KPIs.

Through a co-design process that began in 2022, Artser and Engitel created the new MyEbox area through which customers can:

Benefit directly online from the counseling offered: from appointment booking to document exchange to actual VideoCall with experts
•    Consult all active documents and practices thanks to the integration with the Artser document system
•    Discover the services offered based on your location and dedicated insights
•    Stay up to date on deadlines, news through a notification system integrated with CRM.

In addition, the new restricted area, thanks to the various integrations made, allows Artser's internal staff and consultants to have a single dashboard with all client information and files making it easier to consult and work on a daily basis.