We are a company that has been working with the web and mobile telephony since 1994.

We ensure that our customers receive tailor-made solutions, using the experience gained in over 20 years of hard work.

We have created in-house over 2,700 mini, medium, big or web app sites.

The 2 souls of engitel

We prefer to let our online portfolio talk for us (which is nevertheless only partial as we have created many intranets or parts of password-protected sites).

Our main asset is our ability to mold technology to customer needs. We follow a site or application from web design to online publication, including maintenance and performance evaluation.

We have internally developed excellent products such as the CMS SPIN&GO.
But that’s not all. Engitel has another ‘soul’, one which pays great attention to graphics, not just in terms of aesthetics, but also as regards HCI (Human Computer Interaction), because a website or application should not only be well-made, but also clear and easy to use.

We also help our customers take advantage of all the opportunities for visibility and communication that the web provides: SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) SEA (AdWords), Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, etc.), paid advertising, inbound marketing, and email marketing.

We thus create all the necessary support to web marketing campaigns (banners, rich media, newsletters...).

Many call us the ... "tailors of the Web"!

We guarantee all necessary online system support: we are a certified Internet service provider, operating as a Maintainer/Registrar and we have expertise in system integration, even of complex systems.
We are Microsoft Certified Partners, Linux developers, mobile integrators, Java and Ajax developers, and iPad + iPhone developers.