Elena Schiaffino Elena Cacciamani Matteo Reina

Engitel’s real strength lies in its people.

We could say that they are everything because its founder (Alberto – a trained engineer), has always emphasised the importance of respect for people and appreciation of their strengths.

A web project arises out of the coming together of skilled professionals, each using their particular specialities to contribute to the development of a single project.

Graphic designers are by their nature very different from analysts, while usability experts, in turn, differ from developers, and so on. However here at Engitel we ensure that everything blends together harmoniously, just like a large orchestra.

The above only includes ‘traditional’ company management positions, but Engitel consists of many other very effective people, most of whom have been with the company for years, proving the fact that value is built over the years.

Our team is the true guarantee of know-how, everyone working together in small projects and very ambitious ones alike.

Ours is not a sterile commercial organisation, but a team that puts its heart into the help and support it provides, because its members love what they do.