Sites released with Spin&Go can have, in addition to news, the following features:

  • Comments: all content can be commented upon by users (registered or unregistered)
  • Comments in thread mode: ability to respond to comments posted by other users
  • Ratings: content can be rated using methods similar to YouTube (stars)
  • Like: using the ‘like’ button, you can grade a comment/content
  • Send to a friend: content can be sent by e-mail to other users

If requested, you can add one or more of the following tools to share and update:

RSS feeds: send updates to everyone who has subscribed to the feed. You can subscribe to the feed from the specific page and receive all the updates in push mode.

Facebook and Twitter reporting systems for the two most popular social networks on the web, with the option of reporting the contents directly to your social network page and highlighting ‘like’ on one or more specific items.

Reporting to major news aggregators: news aggregators provide a huge content distribution network. Clicking on the different icons directs the page URL and the text (depending on the type of aggregator) to the aggregator site, which includes the content in its news from that moment.