Over the years we have also internally developed excellent products such as:

  • CMS Spin&Go (Basic or Full, e-Commerce, e-learning/ e-community): our crowning glory that has helped many customers
  • Contacts Manager: a system for the online management of contacts and for sending, also in bulk, e-mails, invitations and announcements
  • Digital Monitor: a platform to simplify research and management of what people are saying about your brand online

Please read about their particular features on their dedicated pages.

Our main products are Spin&Go (four versions) and Contacts Manager

We took a strategic decision to build a portal based on a publishing (or content management) system. Nowadays it is no longer possible to create a static site, with no information residing on a database and that is not dynamically related to itself, updated in real time, with just one click.

Speed is another key concept in the Internet. People need to be able to edit a site promptly, quickly and independently, even if they know nothing about graphics or computers.
The archive is just as important. Building a portal with Spin&Go means deciding that no news item, image, or link, etc. will ever be lost, even if the portal is updated several times. All content must be interrelated and be infinitely reusable because it resides on a database on which a search engine (both for the web and administrative aspects) and a host of smart features act by default.

Spin&Go is a very flexible product designed to solve different problems depending on the needs of the portals, ranging from e-commerce to those dedicated more to information. It can also be used for portals already online, which have understood (at their cost) the importance of a content management structure.

Virgilio.it, Libero/Affari Italiani, Ospedale San Raffaele, Wally, Logotel, Fondazione Fiera Milano, Moncler, Galbusera and many others... chose Spin&Go.

Spin&Go offers ‘almost’ endless possibilities.
This is why we like to be able to customize its design to offer the customer-users everything they need, with nothing superfluous, perhaps with tailor-made functions.
The information, materials, images, links, banners, graphic templates, etc.... become objects that can be repositioned at any time in different ways within the portal .... so you never again have to start from scratch!

Spin&Go enables all this and more. Indeed, in addition to building dynamic and customised websites, it solves internal workflow problems.
You can establish different levels of access to information content, permissions and different capabilities for end users, web designers or editors, and more ... different dates for the publication and the validity of information content. These are dynamically generated by the server at every request from the user of a web page. Special cache mechanisms enable excellent speed (for high-traffic portals); Spin&Go also provides ‘static’ view HTML pages for any special needs.
The system was designed and built to minimize the involvement of system administrators in the placement of information content. This has led to the creation of a system that minimizes the risk that blank pages, pages with inconsistent spaces, or content inappropriate to the context, may appear within a complex site structure.

Spin&Go is based on an organization of content into ‘Channels’.
The channels are the sections of the site and each section (channel) can be further divided into sub-channels at any depth.
This setting makes it possible to define a very articulated and unlimited logical structure and content navigation tree. The information content is then positioned and constructed within the channels and can be presented using very different templates and graphics.
The intervention levels differ depending on the complexity of changes required. After defining the necessary general rules, the system administrator (or specially trained and authoriszd users) is/are directly allowed to perform a granular operation ranging from the navigation structure to the content graphics.

Spin&Go is also multilingual and the channels’ structures may vary depending on the language. The user can be profiled (user profiling) either via web-based questions, or by tracking his navigation of the site. Spin&Go also interfaces with other existing systems or management. It allows syndication mechanisms. It can be installed remotely.

Contacts Manager is an innovative, simple and fast way to handle all web-based communication.
It allows you to keep your own contacts by sending from any location, text messages, e-mails, faxes, press releases, reports, newsletters, and invitations.

For more information please contact:
Elena Schiaffino: elena@engitel.com