Spin&Go e-commerce to create sites dedicated to online sales, B2B and B2C.

Not all e-commerce sites function as online sales, often because of the rigidity of software systems.

Spin&Go e-commerce allows a merchant to give its shop window a very individual look and feel, with the best possible display of the goods for sale so as to encourage purchases.

The Internet is really a big market where you can always find someone interested in buying your product. The way you present products, ease of navigation, the ability to have different presentation ‘windows’ depending on the product are therefore very important.

Then of course, purchase tips (related products), the ability to benchmark price and the iconographic and descriptive elements of a particular product, are all just as important.

A recent report by the B2C Netcomm - School of Management Observatory of Milan Polytechnic, stated that in 2011 online sales in Italy increased by 20% compared to 2010.