The great success of Social Media Networks and the spread of Web 2.0 interactive tools have led many companies to develop projects for cooperation and the spontaneous sharing of information among their customers or employees.  

The community module is a collection of features that have been developed in recent years to use Spin&Go as an engine for the management of user communities, Enterprise 2.0 projects and advanced Intranets.

In addition to making documents and online services available on their website or intranet, the Spin&Go Community tools allow end users to create and organise their own content.

The traditional taxonomy, typically expressed by the navigation tree (which makes the content created available in accordance with predominantly top-down processes), can be opened or integrated with new sources and new ways of interaction between the user and the site and also between the users themselves.

A business community, whether customers, employees or a sales network, if well managed and engaged, adds value to the process of business growth.


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