contacts manager

This is a fast, innovative and safe way to manage mailing lists and large ‘databases’ that can no longer be managed using traditional methods (e.g., just e-mail, spreadsheets, simple or complex databases, or CRM).

How does it work?

contacts manager sicuro protetto

Using the Contacts Manager control panel accessible through a standard web address (URL) you can (wherever you are) send and see, in real time, newsletters, invitations, press releases sent, those that arrived at their destination (bounce), confirmations, cancellations and even auto profiles (data updated by the contact) and the responses to the survey.



What can I do?

Contacts Manager allows you to communicate with any type of contact, via the web (PC), smartphone or tablet.

It allows the sending of newsletters, e-mails, SMS, fax distribution of press releases, invitations, surveys, promotions, quickly selecting the target recipient of the message.

Confirmations or answers to surveys are immediately visible from the control panel.

The answers feed an internal database that speeds up your daily work.
The entire contacts database resides on the Internet, safe, secure and backed-up daily to protect from total or partial loss of the database.

Every activity is tracked and consultation of the database has very strict safety rules for the protection of data and daily use.

The database, mailing lists and any information on the Contacts Manager can be easily exported to Excel or synched on a mobile phone or other mobile device.

The basic rules



What is the real advantage?

The contact is the keystone of the CM.
He exists once (and only once) on the database, but is associated with one or several companies with different roles, different addresses and different names.

The CM history also shows all events to which he was invited, performing that particular role. He can belong to different lists, with different permissions and workflows.

In other words, the contact is unique, but is used countless times.
E.G.: Paolo Rossi is chairman of the company XYX with phones/ email/ address of company XYZ.
He is a member of the Board of Directors of ABC, with email/ mobile phones/ address ABC.
He is also on the database with the personal references for his home/ e-mail/ mobile phones
, with private notes visible only to people who have the right to access to such confidential information (e.g., super users, or the creator of that contact).
The visibility of certain fields can be linked to the ‘role’ of the person who has access to the CM.