A new website that brings forward historical excellence of made in Italy

For over 200 years, the Beretta Group has brought the best of Italian delicatessen to homes all over the world, constantly renewing itself to meet the needs of the market and consumers.



Thanks to the new version of Spin&Go©, Engitel has created a website dedicated to Beretta USA agents and sellers. The website, fully editable and updatable in the back office, gives the possibility to contact work colleagues via Microsoft Teams, and, in the training section, consult audio-video courses.

The most important section of the new Beretta website is the catalog, which can be consulted by inserting various filters, including brand and sub-brand, category and type of product. The same catalog can then be inserted into one or more personal carts and, at that point, forwarded via email or transferred to a downloadable PDF.

Each product in the catalog is classified in a product sheet with all available information: packaging, barcode, dimensions, weight, storage methods, nutritional table and more. The Beretta Group represents one of the most solid and renowned companies in Italian food exports.

Present on the markets of 20 countries around the world, including China, India, Australia and Japan, Beretta Group is very well established in the United States, where it has three factories.