Value from Earth data: the value of caring for the territory in an Italian brand of excellence

ABACO is the European reference for the supply of software solutions for the management and control of territorial resources, mainly oriented towards precision agriculture and environmental sustainability practices



Engitel has redesigned ABACO’s brand identity through the use of an imaginary that links the idea of progress while respecting nature. Therefore, it isn’t human interventions that interfere with the natural rhythm of the elements, but nature itself that provides all the tools and information necessary to be able to create value.

The concept has been translated into brand communication materials thanks to a multi-channel logic that includes corporate identity, a corporate website, video marketing and the redesign of existing digital properties. Thus, enhancing the ABACO brand at an international level, promoting its growth in becoming a trusted partner of public and private subjects who face the challenges of sustainable development, traceability and productivity.

An important activity carried out by Engitel was the redesign of ABACO’s applications according to the latest UX /UI trends. This further allowed the brand to reposition itself with previously acquired customers.

In June 2019, ABACO become a subsidiary of Taste of Italy, an Italian fund specializing in the food and agriculture industry and managed by DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR.