Client’s needs

MEDIOBANCA 01The goals for restyling and re-engineering were to:

  • To provide a general overview of the bank, by highlighting its history, its activities, products and all of its corporate information;
  • To implement a system that would have allowed an update of the website in a centralized    manner;
  • To create a new website able to publish Mediobanca bond issues and provide users with many useful information;
  • To create a private login area designed for  researches and analysis by Mediobanca Securities;
  • To offer to its own shareholders interactive web services for the management of annual shareholders’ meetings..



Thanks to the content management platform Spin&Go, Engitel has developed a complex system for the management of websites along with the many several features requested. Especially, from the same platform the client can manage:

  • its corporate website Mediobanca,
  • its website Raccolta Proprietaria on bond issues
  • the private login area Mediobanca Securities designed for corporate investors on researches and analysis

The corporate website Mediobanca, that has had its new graphic design also developed by Engitel, provides a general overview of the bank: its history, its locations, its corporate governance, its products and services, a large area dedicated to investors, shareholders and press offices.
On the website they have been implemented the followings:

  • an automatic email alert service to receive in real time all of the updates;
  • an area dedicated to shareholders’ meetings with dynamic forms for the management of applications and attendees;
  • integration with data and services provided by the Italian Stock Exchange (interactive graphic charts, online analyst, technical analyst, historical data and investment calculators).
The website aims to provide information and data on bond issues by Mediobanca. All bonds, sorted and listed, are available through a detailed form updated in real time that shows:
  • comparison with government bonds,
  • interactive graphic charts
  • stock exchange data and performance,
  • history of prices,
  • documents, basic prospectus and summary notes

In addition to the two public websites, still thanks to Spin & Go, a private login area has been implemented. This area is dedicated to researches and analysis that Mediobanca Securities offers to its customers. Spin&Go, that handles the content and graphics design parts of the website, has been integrated with the internal CRM systems and document management of the bank.


Thanks to the platform Spin&Go, Engitel has implemented an integrated system that allows Mediobanca to significant synergies in terms of editorial content and relationship management with customers, financial institutions and press offices.
The web presence of Mediobanca now stands out for the variety and abundance of information provided online as well as implementation of new services such as email alerts, integration with Stock Exchange Data and dynamic forms for the management of shareholders’ meetings.



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