Client's needs

The Digital Channels Development department at ING DIRECT, that manage the website as well as "Digital" activities of the Bank, had 3 requirements:

  • equip the website with a new CMS in order to easily update pages and online contents
  • reshape user experience with a responsive design approach
  • re-design and restyle the website

Additionally, the new CMS had to provide specific features for:

  • scheduling publication of pages
  • inserting tokens, “variable values”,  in web pages, in order to be able to update them from a central system and automatically as interest rates, maturities or other products features, without having to change each single page manually
  • enabling an easy management of pages codes aimed at SEO, tracking, targeting, and A / B testing activities.


Engitel has restyled and re-engineered the public website of ING DIRECT.
The website, that now has the content management system Spin&Go by Engitel, has been developed with a responsive design approach. This means that website can to be browsed from any devices as it adapts to the screen size: ING DIRECT website has been optimized for 3 specific devices: PC, Tablet and Smartphone.

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Engitel was responsible for developing graphic design of all visual and style elements of the website as well as implementation of the CMS Spin&Go.

The backoffice for managing the website has been integrated to the pre-existing CMS Spin&Go, already in use by ING DIRECT for creating and managing Landing pages (see case histories); in this way management of tokens, those variable elements (such as interest rates, durations, expiry dates) that can be inserted in web pages in form of parameters and it is possible to schedule automatic publication of their variation, has been centralized.
Once "responsive" experience has been established, then it was also changed the CMS for management Landing Pages that now it allows to create and edit pages in a "responsive" manner.
Spin&Go has been implemented for managing specific workflow of approval, defining roles of those who can work to create and edit contents and those who can approve and publish pages.


With the implementation of the CMS Spin&Go by Engitel, ING DIRECT editors can easily manage all contents of the public website and edit structural elements such as sections, menu, page structure.
Editors can establish precisely, when editing content and what behaviors should have individual elements of content in referral to different devices (e.g. they can establish how contents can be visualized depending on the device users navigate from, PC, tablet or a smartphone).
Thanks to Spin&Go it is now possible to manage and schedule when and how publishing contents on both online website or other test and development servers/platforms.
Within the CMS there have also been implemented several tools aim at optimizing pages for SEO purposes, managing tracking codes on pages as well as setting and managing codes for A/B testing.


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