arca4The customer's requirement

Arca SGR is one of the leading companies in the field of asset management in Italy that operates nationally with 120 distributors organizations (over 8,000 branches), a network of financial advisors and online channels.

The need for a continuous dialogue with customers, was necessary:

  • renew its web site;
  • integrate platforms for different types of suppliers;
  • to secure the use of sensitive data, such as financial and social security



The solution

arca2Engitel made the site more functional, modern. The platform is adapted to allow the management of different content, from product data to the continuous flow of financial information.

In just six months, Engitel realized the integration with the reserved area, ready to be further implemented, which allows customers to be continuously updated on its investments and to the Distributors to consult information and operational tools.


The advantages

Thanks to the project developed by Engitel:

  • surfing suits the user's needs: all content is accompanied by a color, which guides Private Investors (marked with green), Professional Operators (orange) and Distributors (blue);
  • the site has become responsive to be accessible on various devices;
  • at any time, customers can monitor their portfolios, thanks to the creation of the Area Security, dedicated to pension funds and that in fact has integrated all the contents of the existing site of Ark Security.