The customer’s requirements

With the Universal Exhibition at the gates, ATM needed a new product, reliable and attractive. Able to meet the demands of the people of Milan but also tourists. Starting in May, the company has worked closely with Engitel.


The solution

"We took care of the design, development and graphics. We have seen this product bud and grow. " The CTO of Engitel, Alberto Bolchini, baptized the application to change the mobility of Milan. ATM has put the experience in the transport sector. Engitel’s creativity comes from the knowledge of technology.

The result is an app versatile, that adapts to different types urban issues. Because each user has his own way of living in the city. "We thought about the tourist who does not know Milan and just wants to calculate a route easily. But also to residents and commuters, who seek less maps and more information. "


The advantages:

With the new application, the smartphone becomes a compass. A source of continuous information with on road conditions, thanks to the integration of all the real-time traffic information that are distributed through the ATM digital channels, from Twitter.

A few taps and you can also buy through PayPal or credit card, tickets to travel on the urban network ATM. Seven days a week and at any time of day or night.

The application caters to the users needs, guiding them with pleasant and intuitive graphics. Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, the app is built to suit the characteristics of all operating systems. "The infrastructure developed by Engitel - says Bolchini - is designed to accommodate future services that will make the experience of Milan mobility increasingly integrated"